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Thompson Drop Technique

female chiro adjusting patientAt our practice, we may use a variety of techniques and therapies as part of a patient’s care plan. We based this on our assessment of the person’s condition, their preferences, and the specific needs of that individual.

The Thompson Drop Technique is one of many approaches within chiropractic care used to restore proper alignment and function to the spine and other joints in the body.


What Makes Thompson Drop Different

Thompson Drop, also known as the “Thompson Terminal Point Technique,” is a method commonly used by chiropractors during adjustments. It uses a special adjusting table equipped with sections that can be raised and then quickly dropped a short distance during the adjustment process.

Our chiropractor performs an initial assessment to identify misalignments or subluxations in the spine or joints. Once that’s done, we have the patient lie facedown on the table to get started. The table has sections corresponding to different spine areas, typically equipped with drop mechanisms.

At the moment of adjustment, the doctor releases the specific table section beneath the area that needs correction and applies a quick, controlled thrust of their hands. The section drops, allowing for a quick release of pressure to complete the adjustment without using as much force, making it more comfortable for the patient.

Benefits for Our Patients

Dr. Gabby or Dr. Steven may opt to use this technique for several reasons:

  • Precision—this technique assists in administering precise adjustments by isolating specific areas of the spine or joints
  • Reduced Force—the drop mechanism of the table helps us apply the necessary force more efficiently by reducing the amount of force needed, making it a gentler adjustment for the patient
  • Patient Comfort—many people find the technique more comfortable, especially those who might be apprehensive about traditional manual adjustments involving more force

A Better Alternative

While most chiropractic techniques can be adapted to suit an individual’s needs, sometimes a gentler application is indicated. Using the Thompson Drop Table Technique can be a better choice for the adjustment, whether because of age, the severity of the condition, or just personal preference.

Some examples include pregnancy, seniors, and youth. Whatever your age or condition, the Thompson Drop Technique is a great alternative to get the needed adjustment.

Learn More Today

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